Simulation of photo-voltaic power generation using copula autoregressive models for solar irradiance and air temperature time series

We propose a methodology for synthetic generation of solar irradiance (shortwave flux) and air temperature time series using copula functions. The use of copulas for the simulation gives flexibility to represent the serial stochastic variability of the solar irradiation and the air temperature affecting the photo-voltaic (PV) panel energy output. Moreover, it allows to have more control on the desired properties of the time series, not only in the temporal and cross-dependencies, but also in the marginal distributions. We use mixtures of zero mass adjusted density distributions to assess the nature of solar irradiance, alongside vector generalized linear models for the bivariate time series time marginal distributions. We found that the copula autoregressive methodology used, including the zero mass characteristics of the solar irradiance time series, accurately models the stochastic phenomena.